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? ? ?熒光免疫分析儀通過檢測患者血清從而對人體進行免疫分析,對我們預防及檢查免疫系統疾病有很大助益。

? ? ?在體外診斷行業產品風格越發消費化以及情感化的趨勢下,我們將“風之流動”的概念帶入設計中,使產品更添一份自由與輕松。同時,充滿張力的曲線、柔和的形體轉折再搭配明亮的色彩對比,也使產品更加的清新雅致。而轉折銳利的金屬框設計,則又為產品保留了一定的專業感以及精密感。

? ? ? SHINVA Fluorescence Immunity Analyzer can help test the patients’ serum and carry out immunity analysis, thus being helpful to the prevention and examination of diseases of the immune system.

? ? ? With the consumerized and emotionalized trend in the IVD (in vitro diagnosis) products, I. CO brings the design concept of the “flowing wind” into SHINVA products and gives them a sense of freedom. Meanwhile, the forceful curved lines, smooth connection and bright color contrast makes the products fresh and elegant. What’s more, the sharp metal frame gives the products a sense of professionalism and sophistication.

?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?模型制作
SERVISE?? ? ?Mockup Making , Style Design , Rearch Design
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