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? ? ? 實驗設備通常通常給人以粗糙笨重的印象,然而它們其實也可以精巧細致。派普免疫層析判讀儀雖然具有很多種不同介質(如血液、尿液等)和功能(如傳染病、毒品等)檢測的醫療檢測用途,我們依然將其設計得小巧便捷;顯示屏上方翻蓋提手設計,讓產品更便于攜帶和移動;下方試紙插孔通過插入不同試紙進行多種功能檢測;輕質卻堅固的外殼材質讓產品更輕便化;顏色上的設計以磨砂白與科技灰相結合,整體外觀簡約平滑,體現專業感的同時又展現非凡的科技感。
? ? ? Laboratory equipment usually gives people an impression of largeness and heaviness; however, it can be delicate and smart. In spite of various functions including the detection of media like blood and urine and the functional tests like infectious disease test and drug test, PAIPU Immunochromatography Interpreter is still designed in a smart and convenient way; the flip handle on the monitor makes the equipment easy to move and take; the test bar holes under the monitor can carry different functional tests by putting in different test bars; the light but hard case makes the equipment lighter; the combined color of white and grey and the simple and smooth outlook indicate a sense of professionalism and extraordinary scientific feeling.

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